Jeremy Corbyn MP: 40 Years Serving the People of Islington North

Real leadership comes from an affinity with your voters

Jeremy Corbyn was first elected to Parliament in 1983 and been the MP for Islington North for over 40 years. In this time he has worked continuously to help constituents with practical problems and issues and has taken their needs to parliament in order to bring about solutions for a safer, fairer, and more equal world for all. According to Annette Thomas, one of his constituents, ‘Real leadership comes from your affinity with your voters, knowing and caring for them, not a policy of expelling anyone who disagrees with you. Perhaps that is why Jeremy Corbyn has one of the highest votes in the country.’ (

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🗞 In the News – Corbyn supporters: we will not go away

‘The supportive statements sent to the NEC by the mosque, local councillors, Jewish supporters and party activists show the extent of local support for our MP and the urgent need for party leaders to listen to Labour members and the local Labour electorate.’

Seen in Islington 👀

Insult to Constituents

Jeremy Corbyn is hugely popular, not only because he works tirelessly to support all his constituents in Islington North, but because he gives us hope and the confidence to fight for a society based on equality and social justice when both are under relentless attack.

Please explore this website where you can find templates to write to your Labour MP and the Labour NEC. We ask you to do everything you can to restore Jeremy Corbyn to the Parliamentary Party so he can represent the constituency that elected him to office and continue to make his crucial political contribution to the UK as a whole.