Model union motions

This meeting notes

  1. That as the twice-elected leader of the Labour Party, the continued withholding of the Labour whip from Jeremy Corbyn is a deeply divisive act by the leadership of the party and the Chief Whip
  2. That, coinciding with the trigger ballot process and reselection of sitting MPs, the act of withholding the whip at this time is disbarring Jeremy Corbyn from this process, increasing the tension and anger amongst party members and moving us further from the unity that is needed to take on this government
  3. That Jeremy Corbyn has been the Labour MP for Islington North since 1983 and that his majority at the last election was 26,188

This meeting believes

  • That disbarring the elected member of Parliament from this process is extremely disrespectful to the people of Islington North who have overwhelmingly elected Jeremy Corbyn as their Labour MP for almost four decades
  • Disbarring Jeremy Corbyn for the next General Election has the added danger of the local electorate punishing the Labour Party, should they not have the candidate they wish in place, creating a huge media storm in the process.

This meeting resolves

  • To urge the Chief Whip to restore the Parliamentary Whip to Jeremy Corbyn