Model union motion

Model Motion for Trade Unions

This branch notes:

  • The historic support over many decades of Jeremy Corbyn MP – former leader of the Labour Party – to advance the interests of working people both in Britain and internationally

  • In particular, his displays of solidarity within Parliament and on the picket line; his consistent support for members of this union, such as (INSERT EXAMPLE); and his unrelenting campaigning to repeal laws which restrict trade union activity

  • Separately, that Jeremy Corbyn was sued for defamation by Richard Millet following remarks in an interview on the Andrew Marr show in 20181

  • That the case was abruptly dropped by Millet shortly before it was due to be heard in 2022 when he discontinued his libel case with Jeremy making no apology, giving no undertaking not to repeat the remarks, paying no damages to Millett and paying Millett no costs (save for appeal costs in 2021).

  • That whilst Jeremy was vindicated in the settlement he has been left with enormous legal fees, initially to the tune of £1.4 million, of which there remains over £400,000 outstanding

    This branch believes:

Considering his outstanding record and dedication, that Jeremy Corbyn MP warrants practical solidarity from the wider trade union and labour movement

This branch resolves:

  • To donate the sum of £xxx to ‘JBC Defence Ltd’

  • For the branch secretary to email in order to administer a


  • To submit this motion (as appropriately amended) to the union’s regional and/or national

    executive committee