Urgent: Support the Motion to restore the whip to Jeremy Corbyn at Labour’s National Executive Committee meeting on 25 January 2022 #NECVoteRestoreTheWhip

Here is a full list of NEC members and their emails. Please email them urgently to ask them to support this motion. If you are in a union with a rep on the NEC, it’s particularly important to email them stating your union affiliation and asking them to support the motion. You can click here to find a model motion for your union branch.

The motion proposed by Ian Murray (NEC FBU rep) and seconded by Nadia Jama (NEC CLP rep).

Over a year on from Jeremy Corbyn MP’s suspension from the Parliamentary Labour Party, the removal of the Labour whip has neither been reviewed, as promised, nor restored. This is an insult to his constituents in Islington North, makes a mockery of democracy and is deeply unpopular with his hundreds of thousands of supporters across the country. Please support the campaign to #ReinstateJeremy Corbyn #RestoreTheWhip

Islington North constituents say #RestoreTheWhip to Jeremy Corbyn 🎬

🗞 LABOUR Party members in Islington North say they are backing Jeremy Corbyn as their MP 

Corbyn is our man says Labour, amid rumour he was starting his own party https://www.islingtontribune.co.uk/article/corbyn-is-our-man-says-labour-amid-rumour-he-was-starting-his-own-party

Laura Pidcock on defending Jeremy Corbyn – The continued attack on Jeremy Corbyn is ‘to demoralise those who share his politics and are continuing to fight’.

Letters of Support for Restoring the Whip to Jeremy Corbyn

Great letter in local press from Bruce Kent: “Never has Jeremy failed to respond promptly to any call for help for the homeless, the prisoner, or the refugee arriving here confused and semi-destitute.”


Seen in Islington 👀

Cycle4Corbyn in Parliament Square

Insult to Constituents

Jeremy Corbyn is hugely popular, not only because he works tirelessly to support all his constituents in Islington North, but because he gives us hope and the confidence to fight for a society based on equality and social justice when both are under relentless attack.

Please explore this website where you can find templates to write to your Labour MP and the Labour NEC. We ask you to do everything you can to restore Jeremy Corbyn to the Parliamentary Party so he can represent the constituency that elected him to office and continue to make his crucial political contribution to the UK as a whole.