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Islington Friends of Jeremy Corbyn support our MP, a tireless advocate for the changes needed by people in Islington North and beyond. He has weathered grossly unfair personal attacks intended to silence one of the few voices in Parliament standing up for ordinary people. We are heartened that he has recently said, ‘I am proud to represent Islington North in Parliament. I have spent the past 40 years campaigning alongside my community for a mass redistribution of wealth, ownership and power. That is what I’ll continue to do.’ Jeremy Corbyn will not be silenced, and neither will we.


In Islington North, there is anger and confusion about the unfair removal of the Labour whip from Jeremy Corbyn. Regardless of this injustice, Jeremy Corbyn has continued to advocate courageously for his constituents with practical help now and for the changes needed to tackle the factors holding people back in Islington North and elsewhere in the UK. He has worked all of his political life supporting anti-racism, anti-imperialism, anti-corruption, LGBT+ rights, climate justice and Trade Union rights. 

On 17th November 2020, Jeremy Corbyn MP was reinstated into the Labour Party by the Party’s National Executive Committee following his unjust suspension. The following day, Keir Starmer withdrew the Labour whip from our popular, hardworking and respected MP for Islington North, with a promise that this would be reviewed within three months. Over two years on, without reference to any recognised rules or process, Corbyn’s suspension from the Parliamentary Party has not been reviewed and nor has he been reinstated.

The unjustified withdrawal of the whip is a continuing insult to all his constituents, but particularly for the 34,603 Islington North residents who gave him an overwhelming majority at the last General Election to be their Labour Member of Parliament. Jeremy Corbyn, meanwhile, has continued to support and represent everyone in the constituency diligently, despite the restrictions placed on him. He has, as always, addressed the diverse and difficult problems people face in our community – problems that have grown more acute during the pandemic and under a government which is overseeing growing inequality and rising poverty.


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