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As one of your constituents, I am writing to call for the restoration of the Labour whip to Jeremy Corbyn MP. I believe this to be key to reuniting the Labour Party in the fight against the Conservative government.

On 17th November 2020, a panel of National Executive Committee members decided unanimously to readmit Jeremy Corbyn to the party following his suspension by the General Secretary in October. This would normally have led to the automatic restoration of the party whip. However, in an unprecedented move, the Labour whip is still being withheld without explanation – in clear breach of protocol and natural justice.

Jeremy Corbyn has been the MP for Islington North since 1983. His rising majorities attest to his popularity with his constituents and his dedication to representing them. He has also supported the steady growth of a now strongly Labour council in Islington.

Jeremy Corbyn’s service to the Labour Party has been unwavering over more than five decades, and his five years as leader saw party membership surge to make Labour the largest in Western Europe. His popularity nationally was such that his suspension led to the demobilisation or resignation of many of the party’s members and campaigners, and attracted criticism from across the British political spectrum. Nevertheless he has not used his treatment to undermine the party and has urged his supporters to remain in Labour.

Given the callousness and failures of the current government, party unity should be Labour’s top priority. The same message was sent late last year by Constituency Labour Parties across the country, and by eight trade union leaderships. Persistent party divisions risk alienating even more of Labour’s much-needed campaigners, and worse still, the voting public.

For these reasons, I support the restoration of the whip to Jeremy Corbyn MP, and ask that you take the following steps to address my concerns:

– write to Keir Starmer to convey and support the above points

– make a public statement to the same effect

I would appreciate your swift response.

Yours sincerely